Design tools & simulation

Browse our portfolio of diverse selection tools, calculators, simulation tools and model libraries that aid the entire PCB design process

We provide a wide variety of design tools, models, and simulators to help you with the board design process. From selecting the right IC and designing the application BOM to analyzing your design and even exporting it to a CAD environment. To verify your design, we offer a desktop downloadable TINA-TI simulator and spice models as well as Cadence PSpice for running electrical simulations. With comprehensive tools such as WEBENCH? Power Designer, a power for processor selector, the Power Stage Designer? software tool, and an active filter designer, you can perform quick calculcations and simulations to help you analyze and understand your design performance.?

Power design tools

WEBENCH? Power Designer

Save time and prototype your Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) designs quickly. Select the right power regulator, design an application circuit and generate a BOM, enable the analysis of a circuit, and export your design to your favorite CAD tools.

Power for processors

Get a jump start with recommendations for discrete point of load regulators and PMICs to power your chosen processor or FPGA. This tool gives you the freedom to pick the right regulator that suits your application requirements.

Power Stage Designer? software tool

Deeply analyze voltage, current stresses and stability with the Power Stage Designer? software tool. The tool supports the majority of power topologies, from buck (step-down) to phase shifted full bridges.

Signal chain design tools?

Filter Designer

Design, optimize, and simulate complete multi-stage active filter solutions within minutes.

Simulation tools

Models and simulators

TINA-TI is a desktop downloadable electrical simulation tool. With a native schematic editor to support wiring your circuit for simulation and the ability to import Pspice models, the tool gives you the flexibility to verify your design.

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